I have been in practice for 7 years as a chiropractor and through that time I have learned and adopted a variety of therapies to help my patients. By far one of the most beneficial tools I have used is shockwave therapy. 

Shockwave therapy uses acoustic sound waves applied to the injured area. These sound waves penetrate the body, helping to improve blood flow, enhance cellular function, promote collagen growth and stimulate the natural healing process. 

Shockwave has proven to be particularly useful when managing chronic musculoskeletal injuries. I have helped many patients struggling with stubborn rotator cuff tendinopathies, tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, or muscle trigger points, find long-lasting relief with only a few shockwave sessions. 

The treatment itself is quick, lasting for about 3-5 minutes and patients typically require 3-4 treatments. The effective nature of this technique can drastically reduce the number of visits needed, thereby providing a very cost-effective option for chronic issues.


A case for shockwave.

A middle-aged man was suffering from chronic knee pain for 20 years. His right knee was currently most painful and previous x-rays showed advanced osteoarthritic changes in both knees. He told me he would wake up with pain first thing in the morning and would usually depend on acetaminophen to help him through the day. He was quite active and enjoyed going to group fitness classes but was unable to fully participate in all the exercises due to his knee pain. We applied shockwave therapy 1x per week for 6 weeks. After only a few treatments, he reported he no longer needed to take pain killers in the morning and was feeling much less pain after his exercises. By the end of the prescribed treatment plan, he was able to significantly reduce his chronic knee pain and no longer needed to modify his exercises during his group fitness class. 


If you have experienced pain similar to this or have been struggling with other chronic musculoskeletal injuries, please reach out! Here is a direct link to my schedule. I'd love to assist.