When you hear the word “laser”, you may get an image of a red beam of light cutting through metal, or an invasive surgical procedure.


What you may not know is that laser is often used in a therapeutic rehabilitation setting. It’s not the same type of ‘hot laser’ used industrially or surgically; rather a therapeutic laser (laser therapy) is a non-invasive, painless treatment which uses focused light at specific wavelengths to help reduce and often eliminate pain from injuries.

laser calgary closeup

Although the laser light only penetrates a few centimeters, it has a profound effect on tissue healing. Once the laser light reaches the cells in your body, it stimulates the natural healing process. This healing process leads to pain relief, reduced inflammation, increased blood flow and circulation. It also stimulates wound healing, stimulates tissue regeneration, and reduces scarring. Research has shown that laser therapy can be a powerful anti-inflammatory that is equally as effective as anti-inflammatory medications. Laser has been used therapeutically since the late 70s. As the technology improves, it is becoming an increasingly effective and popular pain management technique for a variety of conditions. Conditions Treated: Osteoarthritis Sprains Strains Myofascial pain syndromes Post-surgical pain And several other acute and chronic conditions We offer laser therapy as part of a massage therapy or chiropractic appointment, and we also provide laser as a stand-alone treatment. Depending on your condition, we may recommend follow up treatments. With some acute pain conditions, a single application of laser therapy may be all you need to start living a pain free life. See our Laser Therapy page for more info, or give us a call to discuss. - Josh Shaw, RMT