Hello! I’m Carol Korenowski, Registered Provisional Psychologist. I’m excited to join Energize and work with a team dedicated to whole person health. I believe mental and physical health are interconnected, and it’s important to consider how each affects the other. Struggling with physical pain or injury can affect your mental health, and your mental health influences how your body recovers and heals. My work integrates a mind, body, and emotion focus to help you understand your experiences, regulate, and create new ones.

A little about me – I’m a mother of three, and I love to read, cook, bike, and camp. I have worked in a variety of settings serving youth and adults through therapy, advocacy, education, assessment, and support. I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation. I finished my Master of Counselling at Gonzaga University in 2018. I am passionately committed to helping people participate in a process of healing and I prioritize creating a safe space for clients to be heard and seen. This happens both in the therapy room and online!

In response to COVID-19, many professionals transitioned to exclusively online work – me included. People had to adjust to receiving some health services online, or in other cases, unfortunately not receiving them at all. I am incredibly grateful I was still able to serve my clients, especially through the challenges of the pandemic. Counselling by phone or video is different in some ways – I have fewer visual cues and rely more on the client to share their experience with me. It can take time to get used to the screen and technology is not always perfect, but it does provide plenty of opportunities to practice patience, regulation, and empathy! However, the past few months have reminded me of a deeper truth- virtual therapy is still face-to-face, person-to-person work.

I have nurtured relationships with previous clients and built entirely new connections with people I’ve only met online. I can join with my clients in many of the same ways I used to - we share laughter and silence, joy and sorrow, challenges and successes, fear and courage, pain and comfort. My clients can show up in a space that is already familiar, and I am able to meet them wherever they are at. People have immediate access to their favorite objects and soothing rituals. Parents can access services without childcare, and youth can attend between classes. Virtual work also provides numerous other benefits including flexibility, continuity of care, no commute, time saved, as well as added privacy and convenience.

I would be honored to share space with anyone needing support and would love to chat about how I can help. Feel free to reach out today and see if virtual therapy might be a good fit for you!