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Advanced Techniques:


  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Release

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Pre/Post Natal Massage

  • Infant Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Therapeutic Exercises


Chronic shoulder pain (frozen shoulder, tendonitis)

Massage Therapy is meant to feel fantastic and be relaxing, but it should also be used as a therapeutic tool to help you relieve pain, accelerate healing, and allow you to enjoy life again. Our therapists have advanced training to ensure your treatment leaves you feeling less pain, more relaxed, and confident that you have received the best quality of care. 

Massage Therapy





Myofascial Release

Our bodies are made up of much more than just muscles. Often, when someone is experiencing chronic pain, various tissues (skin, membranes, muscles, connective tissue) will become adhered to each other, resulting in a burning, aching pain. Myofascial release techniques are able to treat these adhesions and assist in the reduction of pain caused by congestion and adhesions in the connective tissue.


Trigger Point Release

A painful "knot" in a muscle is often referred to as a trigger point. This painful spot is actually a segment of muscle fibres that are in a contracted (flexed) state, even though you are not trying to flex the muscle. By using various hands on techniques, our clinicians are able to manipulate the nervous system, and circulatory system to enable this contraction to stop and the “knot” to go away.


Deep Tissue Massage

A term made popular in the last few years, deep tissue massage simply refers to significant pressure being applied during the massage. By using our hydraulic tables, and various contact points our clinicians are able to apply as much pressure during the massage as you desire. With effective communication between you and your clinician, you can ensure that you receive the most effect treatment for your condition at the pressure you enjoy the most.


Sports Massage

Sports massage tends to be a faster, more vigorous style of massage therapy. The intent is to increase local circulation, decrease muscle tension and adhesions, and stimulate the muscle fibres so they are ready for your next competition. This style of massage therapy can also be used to assist in dissipating post exercise soreness by increasing local circulation and stimulating the nervous system.


Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy can be effective at relieving pain and discomfort during ALL stages of pregnancy. Our highly trained massage therapists can assist with your lower back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and any other areas of discomfort. Using our specially designed pregnancy cushion, many moms-to-be are able to lie face down during their massage right up to 40 weeks! We can also offer side-lying or seated massage therapy. Your massage therapist will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding exercise to assist with mobility and discomfort and create a custom program to keep you feeling great throughout your whole pregnancy. Massage therapy is a safe and effective solution to physical discomfort during pregnancy.



Techniques of Advanced Massage Therapy

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The Energize Health Difference

At Energize Health, our massage therapists are healthcare professionals that are trained to assess, treat, and create custom exercise programs to allow you to rehabilitate from injury, eliminate chronic pain and get back to enjoying life. Although massage can and should be relaxing, a massage therapy appointment can be so much more than just a good massage. Book with one of our clinicians to experience a more focused and medically effective form of massage therapy.