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Dr. Avni Harit, DC

Chiropractic Doctor

Dr. Avni Harit earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon, graduating with honors in 2015.  Prior to this, she earned her BSc. in Life Science from the University of British Columbia in 2011. 


Dr. Avni practices a diversified chiropractic technique incorporating soft tissue techniques including myofascial active release and/or instrument assisted soft tissue techniques (like Graston/FAKTR) into her treatments. She has been trained in functional movement screens and running/gait analysis. She has completed her certification in Acupuncture through the McMaster University of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture. This allows her to use medical acupuncture/dry needling as an effective tool to reduce pain, decrease muscle hypertonicity, improve circulation and promote tissue healing. 


As an advocate of health and wellness, Dr Avni is dedicated to helping her patients achieve their optimal health and fitness goals. Her focus is to enrich all of her patients’ lives via pain reduction, functional mobility improvement, and lifestyle management and performance optimization. 


Dr. Avni has a strong interest in sports, which stems from her younger years playing basketball, running track and dancing. Currently she continues to enjoy running, hiking, camping, yoga and maintains a healthy lifestyle involving proper nutrition and exercise. 


Dr. Avni believes each individual is unique and therefore every injury is unique to that person. By using a collaborative treatment approach, she is able get patients moving better and pain-free quickly. Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or someone who seldom exercises, her goal is to educate you about your body and teach you how to live a healthy and pain free life.